SD64G 64GB UHS-1 Micro SDXC Card



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The memory card is an essential component in any Dash Cam. It is one of the main parts where the video files created by your Dash Cam are stored. Your memory card needs to be in working order and capable of keeping up with read/write speeds to ensure safe storage of your valuable footage.

All Thinkware Dash Cams come with a memory card and a Transflash adapter included in the package for your convenience. Thinkware Dash Cams require a quality UHS-1 Micro SDXC memory card to be reliable. UHS-1 Micro SDXC card works with faster and higher capacity as an enhanced version of the standard micro SD memory card


Minimum data transfer speed of 10MB/s Moves data with high transfer speeds For Full HD Video Recording, HD still image and continuous shooting applied Designed to withstand water, temperature, shock, and X-rays. Operational temperature range of -10 to 60 degree Celsius


Package Contents: 1x 64GB UHS-1 Micro SD Card 1x Transflash Micro SD to SD Adaptor

Compatible with: F77016, F77032, F77064 F75016, F75032, F75064 X55016, X55032, X55064 X50016, X50032, X50064 X35008, X35032 X33008, X33032 X15008, X15032 F5008, F5016