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We’ve been installing Car Stereos, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth and Radios, Speakers, Amplifiers and Custom-Design Subwoofer Boxes (designed right here on site) for many, many years. Many of our customers come back for a whole new system installation every time they change car!


Speaker Upgrades

Once you have a quality Head Unit installed, you’re ready for some better speakers – which is by far where you’ll get the most bang for your buck in terms of overall improvement in sound quality. Our helpful consultants will take you through the best available options to suit your intended investment. We can replace speakers with new ones in the original holes, or create special mounting plates and pods, so you can fit larger speakers in for better sound without compromising the look of your vehicle.

Amplifiers and Subwoofers

Most High Quality speakers need more power to run them, so we’ll discuss the best Amplifiers to match your preferred speakers, and where to fit it into you car so it’s as out of the way as possible – unless of course you want to show it off! A Sub-Woofer doesn’t have to shake the car to pieces either, but music sounds best when you can hear ALL of it – and that means the Bass! Heck, lets face it, sometimes it’s better when you can FEEL the music.

Bluetooth Hands Free and GPS Navigation

These days the Fines for using your mobile phone while driving are massive! Use Bluetooth Hands Free if you need to talk while driving – and whether you want a Fully Integrated Navigation system installed into your dash, or just a portable unit (typically stuck to the windscreen with a suction cup), we’ve got you covered, and 99 times in 100 the system can be installed and tested all in one day for you.

UHF & ‘Two-Way’ Radios

Need long-range radio communications between 2 or more vehicles? No Problem, we’ve sold and installed equipment for all sorts of radio communications into all sorts of Cars, 4x4s, Camper Vans, and Trucks over the years. We’ve even installed radio communications into a Maintenance Train.