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STPHS10 Stp special line hood solution 10: 10mm hood sound-insulating material


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STP Hood Solution 10 from the Special Line range is a sound-insulating, self adhesive material designed specifically for your vehicle bonnet or boot. It has been designed to mount on clean metal surfaces and the recommended temperature range for it to perform is -45°C to +100°C. The multi-layer combined construction comprises of a protective facing layer, ductile polyurethane foam middle layer and an adhesive mounting layer protected with anti-adhesive film. StP Hood Solution includes 1 sheet that is 1400 x 800mm in size, 10mm thick, providing a total coverage area of 1.12m2.


  • Sound-insulating, self-adhesive material
  • Ideal for under bonnets and boots lids
  • Designed to be installed on clean metal surfaces
  • Polyurethane layer with an adhesive base that is protected with anti-adhesive film
  • 1 sheet measuring 1400 x 800mm, providing a total coverage of 1.12m2
  • 10mm sheet thickness