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Kenwood’s DDX9720XDS 10.1inch HD Receiver,4 Camera Inputs


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4The Kenwood DMX9720XDS offers an incredible in-car experience and allows you to instantly upgrade to many of the newest smartphone, navigation, camera, and multimedia features.

It includes the latest smartphone tech such as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (via USB), which allow you to connect your smartphone and then view and control all of your favourite apps right on the big screen. With simple touch operation or voice controls thanks to Siri and Google Assistant, you can stream music, navigate with maps, make and receive calls, or read and send SMS messages all while you’re on the move. Kenwood also includes wireless mirroring for Android smartphones, making it quick and easy to share your content with other people in the car.

Fronted by a stunning 10.1″ HD display, there’s simple touch access to all Kenwood’s in-built functions, and the ability to customise the menu and widgets to your liking. The receiver also includes three inputs for external camera, which can all be selected and viewed on your dashboard display.

When it comes to audio, the jam-packed DMX9720XDS features dual-Bluetooth, dual-USB, DAB+ digital radio, high-resolution wireless audio, and much more.

The DDX920WDABS is one of the most impressive AV receivers in the entire Automotive Superstore range. With endless smartphone, Bluetooth, music, and video options – it’s got everything you need.

Kenwood Apple CarPlay

Wireless Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is the most comfortable and safest way to use your iPhone on the move. Now available over a wireless connection, Apple CarPlay takes all of your favourite iOS features and apps and puts them directly on your large dashboard touchscreen. Navigate with Apple or selected 3rd party maps, stream your favourite music, make and receive calls, and even read and reply to text messages all on the big screen. You can also use simple voice commands to control your iPhone hands-free – just tell Siri what you need, and your Kenwood receiver will take care of the rest.

Kenwood Android Auto

Android Auto Compatible

Connect your phone directly to your Kenwood receiver and enjoy all of the best Android apps and features on the big screen. You can use Android Auto to safely navigate, communicate, and entertain – plus Google Assistant can access all of your features completely hands-free. Navigate with Google and WAZE maps, send and receive messages via SMS, Messenger, and WhatsApp, listen to Spotify and Google Music, or explore a world of compatible apps on the Google Play Store. The USB connection ensures you always remain connected while keeping your phone charged at the same time.

Kenwood DAB+ Digital Radio

DAB+ Digital Radio

Kenwood delivers radio as you’ve never heard it before. With CD-quality sound, flawless signal quality, and an expanded selection of digital channels to explore, DAB+ is radio for the smartphone generation. With well over 100 digital channels from around Australia, you can browse a wide range of music, news, and talkback stations no matter where you are. With an included DAB+ digital receiver, you’ve got everything you need to experience a new world of crystal-clear music.

Kenwood Bluetooth

Bluetooth 4.2, HFP 1.7.1

You can enjoy unlimited music streaming and obey road safety laws with Kenwood’s built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and HFP (Hands-Free Profile) 1.7.1. Wirelessly pair your phone and enjoy high-quality streaming audio, or make and receive calls on the move without needing to pick up your phone. The upgraded Bluetooth 4.2 and HPF 1.7.1 ensure you always maintain a reliable connection, avoid signal dropout, and enjoy a high-fidelity experience whether you’re listening to music or talking on the phone.

Kenwood Dual Bluetooth

Dual Phone Full Time Connectivity

With dual-Bluetooth technology, you can now keep two phones paired full-time and double your entertainment, communication, and navigation options. Your selected phones will automatically connect to your Kenwood receiver any time they’re in the vehicle, eliminating the need to regularly pair and un-pair devices. You can now also receive an incoming call on either phone while continuing to stream music or navigate with maps on the other. Once again, Kenwood has set the new standard when it comes to staying connected on the move.

Kenwood 5V RCA Preouts

3 x 5V RCA Preout

Kenwood helps you to design the ultimate car stereo system with 3 x 5V RCA pre-outs for additional speakers and amplifiers. Select from a variety of optional speakers that can be connected directly to your head unit, or explore our range of amplifiers for an even bigger sound. With three high-power RCA outputs, you’ve got plenty of choices and can configure your new stereo system exactly the way you like it. These REC pre-outs, combined with Kenwood’s world-class audio hardware, delivers incredible sound that is sure to impress even the most die-hard music fans.

Kenwood Wireless Mirroring

Wireless & USB Mirroring

Mirroring is the smartest way to share your Android phone with other people in the car. Via a wireless or USB connection, you can connect your Android phone to quickly share photos, videos, and other great content all on the big screen. With Wi-Fi mirroring, you don’t even need a cable connection, allowing anyone in the vehicle to connect their device quickly and easily. With selected Android models, you can also control your phone directly using standard touch controls.

Kenwood HD Screen

10.1 Inch Capacitive HD Display

View graphics, photos, and videos with incredible clarity and vivid colours thanks to Kenwood’s 6.8″ capacitive HD touchscreen. The display features an anti-glare backlit LCD panel which is perfect for viewing photos and videos from your phone, DVD, or mobile devices. The capacitive touchscreen also lets you browse through Kenwood’s menus and apps just like a smartphone. With a bright, high-contrast display built right into your dashboard, Kenwood transforms your car into a four-wheel entertainment system.

Kenwood Dual USB 1.5A

Dual USB with 1.5A Charging

Never run low on battery again and double your charging power thanks to Kenwood’s inclusion of dual-USB inputs. If you’re navigating with maps, streaming music, or using any of Kenwood’s extra phone connectivity features, you can now keep two devices fully-charged for the entire journey. Dual-USB is especially useful if you’re someone who drives for a living, with two powerful 1.5A ports that deliver fast charging and ensure you’re always connected – even if you’re on the road all day.

Kenwood Triple Camera Input

4 Camera Input

If you’re a driver that needs some extra eyes on the road, Kenwood’s triple-camera inputs allow you to connect up to three external cameras into the one receiver. You can easily select, view, and switch between cameras via the large touchscreen, perfect for situations such as parking, towing, or navigating into tight spaces. With a dashcam, you can view and record all of your driving activity in high-definition – while reverse cameras make it easier to judge distances and avoid obstacles or pedestrians. With selected Kenwood models, you can also access on-screen parking guidelines for a stress-free experience.

Kenwood Dash Cam

Dash Cam Integration

For the latest technology integration and for piece-of-mind motoring, look at including an optional Kenwood DRV-520 Dash Cam. Perfect if you’re a tradie, courier, taxi, Uber, or truck driver — the DRV-520 dash cam automatically records all your driving activity. An in-built ‘G sensor’ will detect any front-end collisions, and save the footage for you. Whats’ more you can review the recorded content directly on the Kenwood DMX9720XDS touch screen, all in high definition.

Kenwood Hi-Res Camera Ready

High Resolution Camera Ready

Kenwood allows you to connect an optional front or rear camera (Kenwood CMOS740HD) and experience a high-definition view of your surrounding environment. With a smooth frame rate and features such as High Dynamic Range technology, you’ll maintain clear visibility regardless of the lighting conditions. Selectable and viewable through your dashboard touchscreen, external cameras help to increase your driving and road safety, while making it easier to navigate and avoid those annoying scratches and dents.

Kenwood 13 Band EQ

13 Band EQ

Customise your favourite music with Kenwood’s in-built 13-band graphic equaliser. Choose from a selection of pre-loaded settings to suit your taste, or configure your own EQ for a truly unique sound. Pump up the bass for hip-hop and dance music, raise the mid-levels for powerful guitar solos, or increase the high-end for sharper vocals and drums. The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, displayed in high-resolution on the Kenwood touchscreen. With this 13-band graphical EQ, Kenwood gives you the control to listen to your music, your way.

Kenwood Time Alignment

Digital Time Alignment

If you want to experience incredible ‘front row’ quality sound, Digital Time Alignment will elevate your music to a level you didn’t know was possible. Your Kenwood receiver uses intelligent audio technology to synchronise the output of every speaker in the car – creating a mesmerising experience that has to be heard to be believed. Simple to configure and compatible with almost all car speaker setups, Digital Time Alignment creates a richer sound and allows you to completely immerse yourself in your favourite music.

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