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BOWDENS OWN The Big Green Sucker This cloth sucks – all the water from your car


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The super luxurious drying towel for all car and microfibre lovers! Developed in close collaboration with some fussy professional detailers to be the fastest and most effective tool for drying. Its thick, soft and plush weave is the most absorbent microfibre we have ever found and is exceptional at minimising errant dirt and grit missed while washing, from scratching your car.

  • Super absorbent microfibre towel that literally sucks water into its fibres, so you can dry in half the time.
  • Ultra soft and thick fibres minimise any chance of dirt or grit micro-scratching your paint when drying.
  • Super plush, makes it safer than any waffle weave or chamois type drying cloths.
  • Uses micro-soft edges, with recessed stitching, so it won’t inflict swirls or scratch delicate painted surfaces
  • Bright green colour, to easily see dirt in the cloth, and not wipe it back into your paint.
  • Nice big 40 x 70cm in size so you can dry more before having to wring it out.
  • Awesome 1000 GSM in plushness (Current packaging incorrectly says 900GSM but it’s a real 1000, believe us!)
  • Holds 2 and half litres of water in its fibres, that’s some serious sucking.
  • Single layer quality towel, not two layers sewn together for artificial thickness.
  • Machine washable and loves machine drying, so it will keep on sucking for many, many years to come.



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