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We are bringing snow to all parts of Australia with this effective, deep cleaning Australian developed and made pre-wash foam that we call Snow Job. It has been created for regular use on all cars, modern and classic, even those with sensitive paint finishes. The thick and long lasting foam blankets the car, to loosen and dissolve heavier contaminants, oils and grit from the painted surface, so you’re no longer grinding this dirt and grit into your paint while you wash. Spray this through our awesome Snow Blow Cannon, to dramatically decrease the chance of getting any swirls or scratches when washing your car.

  • Our latest version of Aussie pre-wash foam, that’s got both better foaming and more effective cleaning of sea spray, dust, road oils and other heavier non-bonded contaminants
  • Super thick and and lasting foam for an optimum dwell and cleaning time
  • Very concentrated, with 40 washes per 2 litre bottle. Mix at 100mls of Snow Job in 900mls water (1:9 ratio). Or 50 mls in 950mls of water if you’re more of a cheap bugger for 80 washes in the 2 litre bottle.
  • With our application techniques we use just 500mls of the mixed foam solution per wash, or two washes in the 1 litre cannon bottle, giving 40 washes per this 2 litre bottle. This makes it a lot more cost effective.
  • Safe and effective on many surfaces including polished wheels, plastic trim, vinyl and alloy
  • If your car has light dust or sea-spray, it can be used as a touch-less one step wash
  • Really dirty cars will still need to be hand washed with the two bucket method after use
  • New advanced ingredients helps rejuvenate and repair the protection and hydrophobicity of nano SiO2 protective coatings with repeated use
  • pH neutral formula, so it’s safe for regular use on quality waxes, sealants and ceramic paint protection coatings
  • Can be used in the sun without fear of streaking, a welcome change for a snow foam!
  • Does not use trisodium nitrilotriacetate (NTA), a potential carcinogenic foaming agent that can also create blindness
  • No salt in this formula and it’s biodegradable as well
  • All Australian made and developed formula
  • For best results, Snow Job needs to be used with a quality pressure washer with our Snow Blow Cannon. Read our “Selecting a pressure washer” guide as well as the “Let’s get snow foaming” instructional video in the “How To Use” tab above.
  • Available in 2 litre (BOSNOW2L), 1 litre size (BOSNOW1L) ,  5 litre (BOSNOW5L), 20 Litre (BOSNOW20L) sizes.

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