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A new generation of car care that creates a super hydrophobic layer of protection and a stunning shine in one quick step. This finishing foam is applied with our Snow Blow Cannon at the end of the wash. No rubbing on or buffing off is needed, making it super easy to get awesome results – so easy infact, it feels like you’re cheating.

  • Easiest way to get a quick boost of epic water beading on all exterior surfaces – so good you won’t believe it’s not SiO2 or ceramic infused.
  • Light foaming, pH neutral, water based protective coating for use on modern clear coat paints.
  • Use with our Snow Blow Cannon at the end of the wash, by foaming it on, and pressure washing off right after.
  • Can layer safely on top of our waxes and sealants like Fully Slick and After Glow.
  • Perfect to maintain all modern paint protection and ceramic coated surfaces.
  • Safe for PPF covered cars and vinyl wrapped ones as well.
  • Leaves a stunning gloss & nice slippery feel to the paint, with protection for up to 2 months.
  • Also has great UV protection built into it, just for our sunny local climate.
  • Super concentrated with a 9:1 mix ratio in our Snow Blow Cannon.
  • Cost effective, as you can do over 30 large family cars from the 1 litre bottle.
  • Tested and perfected in the hot and humid Queensland summer for easy use and to prevent streaking issues.
  • Side label is marked up in 100ml increments for easy measuring, and the pop top cap means no mess pouring.
  • Can be stored on the shelf for up to 3 months after first use. (seperate bottle available)
  • Proudly all Australian made and developed by a passionate team of car fanatics


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