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Bowden’s Own Beaut Beads Paste Wax 250mL


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Bowden’s Own Beaut Beads – Super hydrophobic paste wax for car fanaticsWe hand-crafted this quality paste wax to show enthusiasts that waxes are far from dead. Developed by our in-house chemist who we tormented with 57 versions over 24 months (yep, some car resto’s are quicker), Beaut Beads is our modern Aussie take on a classic favourite, remedying many age-old paste wax issues.

Created for true car fanatics who love the hands-on “romance” of using a quality paste wax, we’re super proud of the end result.We’ve pulled out all the stops with this wax, lovingly blending and filling each jar by hand, using only the finest ingredients.

The combination of 55% (by wax volume) T1 Carnauba, as well as Montan, local Beeswax and other cosmetic grade waxes, gives an amazing shine, depth and reflections, whilst being absolutely joyous to use. We’ve gone to great efforts to ensure using Beaut Beads requires as little effort as possible, and we’re proud to say there’s no hard yakka required to apply or remove.

  • Lovingly blended and filled by hand, using only the finest ingredients available.
  • Amazing shine, depth & reflections, thanks to a blend of 55% (by wax volume) T1 Carnauba, as well as Montan, Beeswax and other natural essential oils.
  • Gives metallics and vibrant colours a lustrous glow, that’ll leave you knocked for six.
  • Joyous to use, with no hard yakka required to apply or remove.
  • Spectacular super hydrophobic protection for months of epic beading& sheeting.
  • Won’t re-haze after buffing off, ideal for humid Australian conditions.
  • For all types of shiny paints, including older single stage and modern clear coats.
  • Can be maintained with our super hydrophobic spray sealants, like Bead Machine.
  • A luscious fragrance that brings back memories of fun trips to the drive-in movies.
  • Includes two premium quality foam applicators – bigger for larger panels and smaller for more intricate areas.
  • Proudly handcrafted in Australia – even the box and jar are Aussie made.

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