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Bowdens Own ALL SORTS


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The All Sorts applicators are the perfect way to apply our Tyre Sheen. They use a quality German made foam, that’s rigid enough to work on anything from low profile tyres, all the way to 4×4 and truck tyres with raised lettering. They leave a beautiful, even finish, and help keep your hands away from the mess!

  • Helps get a beautiful finish with our Tyre Sheen
  • Uses a groovy tread foam design, to get product into the tyre cracks, gaps and crevices.
  • Open cell soft foam releases a thin and even layer of product with no runs or drips.
  • Helps use less product and prevents cleaning up any messy overspray afterwards.
  • Aids the prevention of product flinging all down the side of your car on the first drive.
  • Made with high quality German foam so they work better, are reusable and longer lasting.
  • Can be used on lower profile tyres as well as larger 4×4’s or truck tyres.
  • Firm sponge grip helps keep your hand away from any messy product.
  • Two large 9.5 x 8 x 6cm All Sorts applicators in the box.


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