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BOWDENS OWN After Glow A mega protective, after-wash drying aid.


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The much anticipated After Glow. It has taken us 2 years of intensive development, with close to 90 different product formulations being extensively tested to perfect it. This is now the glossiest, most protective and easiest to use product we’ve ever created. After Glow is a different drying aid than what you might have used before. It uses a diverse multitude of new ingredients that work together to absorb all the water straight into your Big Softie cloth, and then effortlessly buffs off to leave a brilliant, streak free shine. Now that is usually enough for most, but After Glow also leaves a lovely level of protection that can last for months after the application. We know you’ll really love using this custom formula as much as we now do!  

  • Created for the fussiest of car fanatics who want perfect, spot free drying
  • Super protective water based sealant, with mega bead porn and water sheeting technology
  • Use as a fast and easy one-step product for an amazing shine and lasting protection
  • For all exterior paint, glass, metal, alloy, rubber, headlights and plastic trim
  • Gives essential lubrication as you dry, to further help prevent micro scratches and swirls
  • Emulsifies water droplets on contact, for easy and fast drying
  • Safe for regular use on waxes, sealants or modern paint protection coatings
  • Can be used as often as you’d like, for a fast top up of both shine and protection
  • A highly concentrated formula, only requiring 10-15ml of product per use, meaning you can do 30 to 50 cars per bottle.
  • Guaranteed to leave a goofy, satisfied look on your face after the jobs all done.
  • Very proudly Australian made and developed formula


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