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Phoenix Gold Z600.5 5 Channel Amplifier

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The Z-series amplifiers have been carefully designed to make adding an amplifier to your system straight forward and simple.
This series combines our High Level Input and Auto Turn-On circuitry to ensure that you can easily add an amplifier to your factory head unit.
Our selectable Input Voltage circuit also give you to ability to connect to a new aftermarket head unit if you decide to upgrade without the need to purchase a new amplifier.
So whether you are designing an entire new system, or just building things up piece by piece, Z-Series has you covered.


  • 5 Channel Amplifier
    4x 60w RMS @ 4Ω + 1x 300w RMS @ 2Ω


  • Factory Integration
    Our High Level Input circuit allows you to directly connect to your factory head unit its speaker output wires.  Our Auto Turn-On circuit also detects when your factory radio is turned on or off, and automatically switches power to the amplifier as well.
  • Flexible Tuning
    Our Adjustable Crossovers, Gain, Bass Boost and Phase controls combine to ensure you have the ability to create the clearest and most accurate sound possible from your new system.
  • Intelligent Protection
    Our 4-Way Protection Circuit and Integrated Cooling Fan work together to ensure reliability and sustained performance in the demanding vehicle environment.