Bowden's Own Onesie Buffing Suit



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For years we have been looking for better and more meaningful ways to detail and care for our cars. This Onesie Buffing Suit comes from our dream to introduce and new and innovative way to feel closer and show more passion and love to your 4 wheeled friend. 

  • Our ultimate new tool, to make detailing your car, faster, easier and more pleasurable. 
  • Made from rare north eastern Drop Bear fur, renown as the one of the softest and most beautiful pelts in the world
  • Gives you a professional look, so people know you're serious about your car detailing
  • Material has great stretch, to allow for easy and free movement as work around the car
  • The suit material breathes well, to not retain body heat and allow for a cooler physical experience
  • Has a super plush 900 GSM fur weave that will not lint 
  • Beautifully hand sewn with no extruding stitching, so you will never scratch your car 
  • Fur covered and velcro reinforced zip, for many easy entries and exit's
  • Lab UV tested to a strong SPF 100 rating, to make it ideal to wear in the sun and at day time car shows 
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly after each use, up to 1000 times
  • Comes with 2 x removable arm cuffs that can be stored in a front internal pouch when not in use 
  • The suit also has a built in hood, for those cooler days and nights 
  • When used with our more advanced detailing techniques, will give you a fantastic and very satisfying workout
  • Each suit is custom made by our team for any sex and size, including for your kids
  • This is the most 100% Australian way to detail your car with locally made and grown material
  • Very limited numbers available, only one suit available per store, due to the seasonal Drop Bear mating season
  • Do not wear this suit near bushland in the mating season of March and April, as you could be attacked by randy Drop Bears.