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Sophisticated styling

The all-new bold styling accentuates a refined design with vivid red illumination that makes any vehicle interior come to life.

Easy to see, easy to use

Key functions are positioned close for easy access. Even selecting tunes stored on a connected iPod® and iPhone® or USB memory is made smooth. Switching between sources like CD and iPhone, as well as selection of preferred sound settings, can be done close to the volume knob.


1. Select source (Tuner, CD/MP3/WMA, AUX, USB and iPod )

2. Select sound functions


13-segment 10-digit 1-line display

The large, easy-to-see 10-digit display uses 13-segment character representation for superior visual recognition. Get the information you need at a glance.

Media connectivity

Superior iPod and iPhone connectivity

Just connect your iPod and iPhone to the source unit’s USB port to access and play music through your car audio system. Operate your iPod and iPhone using source unit controls. Your iPod and iPhone battery is charged while connected to the source unit, so it's ready to go at full power the moment you reach your destination.


* For audio playback, please use the USB cable provided with your iPod and iPhone.


Front auxiliary input lets you easily connect to external sources

By now, you may have a wide variety of music sources, from the latest digital device to the worn-out analog machine. Whatever it is, as long as it has an AUX output or headphone jack, you can easily attach it to the source unit’s AUX input on the front panel, to continue enjoying your favourite music source.

Sound technology

Intelligent Tune

“Intelligent Tune” is comprised of a group of Clarion original sound technologies that turn the car interior into an excellent listening environment. It includes Dynamic Beat Enhancer that synthesises the lost dynamic range of compressed audio to approach the master source, Sound Restorer for full quality sound reproduction of compressed audio data, Virtual Bass for powerful bass without a subwoofer, and other exciting sound technologies.

7-Band Graphic Equaliser

Equipped with a full-featured 7-band graphic equaliser, you will enjoy superior control over the audio spectrum with frequency adjustments in the 60 Hz to 16 kHz range over seven bands. This gives you the power to get the most of your sound system, and the ability to contour the sound output to your musical taste.

Low Pass Filter for subwoofer

Switching on the Low Pass Filter (LPF) will send only the low frequency range through specified outputs to ensure superb performance when connected to a subwoofer.

Memory back up

The CZ215E embeds a special flash memory that protects all the user’s stored settings and favourites, even if the unit is completely disconnected from the vehicle’s power supply.

2V / 4-channel audio pre-out

With 2 sets of audio pre-outs, with 2 channels each, you are free to add external power amplifiers to create a more powerful, sophisticated audio system. What’s more, the 2 volt pre-outs ensures a pure, high quality signal for the entire sound system.