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- New Cellink-NEO 2017 Model
- No need for Hard-wiring (cigar mode)
- Up to 32 hrs Run Time
- Easy Installation
- High Quality Samsung LiFePO4 Battery
- Replaces Cellink-B Model
- Authorised Australian Distributor

 Model Code     CELLINK-NEO
 Battery Capacity       76.8 Wh  /  ~6,000mAh 12.8V
 Input Charging Power   12Volts - 17Volts ~ 6.5A MAX (Through Cigarette Lighter)
  3.5A MAX (Through Fusebox)
 Charging Ampere Options   5 (low) or 9 (high) Ampere (A) (switch selectable)
 Charging Time   1hour 20min (5A)  /  40min (9A)
 Usage time (discharging)   DR750S-1CH = ~33Hrs  /  DR750S-2CH = ~18Hrs
 Battery Type   Lithium-iron (LiFePo4) Samsung
 LED   Built-in LED (Indicates Status / Charging or Full)
 BLUETOOTH   Built-In + Free iOS & Android Application
 Dimensions   150mm x 170mm x 38mm 
 Weight   1.3Kg
 Operating Temperature   -10 ~ 70'C (Celsius)
 Country of Origin   Korea (South)
 Warranty   12 Months in Australia