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Car Audio / Visual Head Units Multimedia Screens Kenwood DMX8019S 7" Touch Screen Apple CarPlay Android Auto 2019 MODEL

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Kenwood's new DMX8019S is even more impressive in real life than it looks on paper.

The DMX8019S sports a massive 7-inch HD touch screen, upgraded processor, revamped menu system, and enhanced graphics. From videos to maps, the display looks incredible.

Featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto -- your smartphone is now your in-car assistant. Enjoy your favourite music, watch videos, make and receive calls, and navigate with maps. Thanks to intuitive voice commands, you can even do all of this hands-free.

You also get all the other great features you've come to expect from Kenwood. Bluetooth 3.0, dual smartphone connectivity, Spotify control, Wi-Fi mirroring, and a 13 band EQ are all included as standard.

Dual-USB ports let you play music and video files in all the popular formats. You can also fast-charge phones and other USB devices as you drive.

The DMX8019S features an upgrade from two to three camera inputs. Now you can connect a rear camera, dash cam, and blind-spot camera all into the one-head unit -- and view them all through the touch screen.

This model replaces the DMX8018S.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay - Via USB

Apple CarPlay transforms your iPhone into a car entertainment and navigation system. And to ensure you don't get distracted, you can access all features with simple voice commands. Ask Siri to play iTunes, navigate with Apple maps, make phone calls -- even read and reply to your text messages.

CarPlay also supports apps including Spotify, Audible, WhatsApp, Tidal, Amazon Music, Google Maps, and Waze.

Android Auto

Android Auto - Via USB

Enjoy all of the best Android features on the big screen. Access popular Android and Google apps by touch screen or voice control. Navigate with Google Maps, listen to music, make and receive calls, or send text messages. Google Assistant can even update Google Calendar to keep you organised when you're on the move.

Android Auto also supports apps including Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, Audible, WhatsApp, and Waze.

Spotify Control + High-Quality Audio

Spotify Control + High-Quality Audio

With Spotify, you can take your music everywhere you go. Wirelessly connect your smartphone to view, control, and play your favourite Spotify tunes through the 7-inch touch screen. With a Spotify Premium account, you can even enjoy your music without an internet connection.

Also included is support for all popular audio files: FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV. You also get a 13-band EQ and 'Kenwood Music Mix' -- allowing up to five phone connections at once.

Dual Bluetooth

Dual Phone Bluetooth Connectivity

Kenwood enables you to wirelessly pair two smartphones at once. With dual connectivity, it's easier than ever to make and receive calls, listen to music, or navigate with maps. You can also use the touch screen to switch between phones at any time. With dual-Bluetooth, you can even listen to music through one phone, and receive an incoming call on the other.

Triple Camera Input

Triple Camera Inputs

An easy way to improve driving safety is with external cameras, and Kenwood's DMX8019S allows you to connect up to three at once. With cameras on your front or rear bumper, you can take the guesswork out of parking and reversing. Rear cameras display on the LCD screen whenever you're in reverse -- giving visibility of cars, pedestrians, or small children. Kenwood's display will even show parking guides to make backing up even easier.

An optional Kenwood DRV-N520 ADAS Dash Cam is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road. The camera can record all of your driving activity -- with an in-built 'G sensor' that saves the footage in the event of a front-end collision.